Comic Books And Graphic Novels Week 3 F2018

Monday, Sept. 17

  • Discuss Book 1 — questions from study guide?
  • Complete activities 2 & 3 for Book 1
  • Read the first 21 pages of panels in Book 2 (21st page is a full page bleed of Batman about to hit a Mutant) and complete accompanying questions on study guide

Tuesday, Sept. 18

  • Watch The Big Bang Theory episode — girls argue about Thor's Hammer
  • Decide which astrological sign batman is and create a poster defending your choice
  • Read the rest of Book 2 and complete the reading guide

Wednesday, Sept. 19

  • discuss book 2 and turn in reading guide
  • information and notes on closure, panels, and transitions
  • Read Book 3 of The Dark Knight Returns: Hunt the Dark Knight and complete the reading guide

Thursday, Sept. 20

  • Finish notes on closure, panels, and transitions
  • Watch the third episode of Superheroes: a Never-Ending Battle

Friday, sept. 21

  • With a partner, find the 6 different types of panel transitions in our Dark Knight Returns books
  • Turn in reading guides for book 3
  • Read the first 23 pages of book 4 (to the panel with Superman in the pink lightning) and complete those questions in the study guide
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