Characters Wade

Lucy has long black hair, she's tall, responsible, has brown eye, and has dark skin.
Joe- is an alcoholic, not much of a father, small.
Sheila- Short, Talkative,
Tina & Charlotte- Lucy's old friends. Pick on her now because of her height.
Bar- Bar is a dog, bar is always happy when she sees Lucy. Bar is Lucy's friend, and she barks when two girls were making fun of her.
Geneva- Friendly woman that invites Lucy on board of the Miranda Lee. Blonde, middle aged,
Tracer- Mean, short, jealous young man.
Don- Nice, older man. Friendly, wise.
Harley- Boss man, Nice, Accepting, wise, and quiet.
Cap'n George- old wise captain.
Killit- Cap'n George's dog.
Dan Devine- Sheila's older brother who works for the coast guard.

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