Characters Megan

She's in insecure about her height , She has dark skin and dark hair, She also looks like her mother. She's responsible.

Her Dad
He an alcoholic and he don't take care of Lucy and his name is joe.

her only friend she's most dependable on, she's shorter then lucy and how Sheila and Lucy met each other by Sheila getting caught in her locker, Sheila is optimistic.

Tina, Charlotte
They bully Lucy and Lucy and the girls were friends back in 5th grade.

Her dads drinking buddys
They kind of act like they care about them selves and their basically drunk early in the morning.

Another kid who makes fun of Lucy at the swimming pool because of her bra size.

Bar is her dog that is there for her when she needs Bar, and she walks her to school, she's basically Lucy's companion.

She's really talkative, encourages her to do the drinking contest.

He's not really nice to Lucy. he fights over the survival suit.

Don is older than everyone else, and he has a tobacco stained beard. he is in the hospital because he broke his whole leg and Don was the most nicest person on board to Lucy.

Harley is the boss of the crabbing and he hired Lucy to just help out around the boat. He is a nice person especially to Lucy.

Captain George
He owns processing plants, He's older then most of the people. He seems pretty nice, and he also has a dog that Lucy likes named Killit.

Dan Devine
Lucy recognizes Shelia's brother and he's also coastguard.

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