Characters Dylan

Lucy-tall,shy,dark skin,brown eye,black hair,go at school,responsable
Joe-small and an alcohaec,unresponsable
Sheila-short,chatty,planing to go to California
Tina and Charlotte-was friends with Lucy now they are mean to Lucy
Bar-Lucy's dog that was a stray and she proteces Lucy
Donnie-mean to Lucy at the swimming pool
Geneva-takes a lot, short, is part of a crabbing crew, nice,and helpful
Tracer-kind of a jerk, short,and also part of the crabbing crew
Don-friendly, old,and also part of the crabbing crew
Harley-quiet and part of the crabbing crew
Cap,n George-nice, old, has lots of crab processing plants
Killit-nice to Lucy, Cap,n George's dog
Dan-Sheila's brother

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