Characters Aurora

Lucy- Tall, black hair, 15, native

Joe- Small, alcoholic, Lucy's dad, doesn't have a job, divorced

Sheila- Small, talks a lot, high pitched voice

Sam, Chuck, Dave, Frank- Joe's drinking buddies

Vickie Drake- Lucy's old baby-sitter, works as McDonalds,

Tina Martin, Charlotte Baker- Lucy's old friends in 5th grade before Lucy started to grow, make fun of Lucy's height now

Murph- Bar tender, always calls Lucy when her dad is passed out drunk

Mrs. Krupke- Tenth grade English teacher


Bar- Lucy's friend and protector, stray dog, doesn't have a real legal owner, died by what the vets think were worms

Tracer- wants the survival suit and thinks he can take Lucy, shorter than Lucy but still tall, drinks,

Don- Scraggly tobacco stained beard, older,

Geneva-Gets Lucy into the drinking contest against Tracer, short, middle-aged, talks a lot, friendly, blond,

Harley-Doesn't drink, captain of Maranda Lee,

Cap'n George- Owns a lot of the processing plants, old, important person, friendly,

Killit- Cap'n George's dog, seems to like Lucy, wolf like looks, nice and sweet to Lucy, reminds Lucy of Bar, he's a he,

Dan Divine- Sheila's older brother, job is the coast guard, knows Lucy

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