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Pearson, Susan

Pearson, Susan. "Animals and Children First: A History of Humane Societies." Chicago Humanities Festival. Northwestern University, Chicago, IL. 7 November 2013. Web. 20 June 2016.

In the late eighteen hundreds, there was a man named Henry Burgh. This man was the founder of ASPCA. When the ASPCA first started out, they did not really work with saving abused children, until a woman came to him about a potential case of child abuse next door from her apartment. So he investigated the case and found that the girl had been abused by her guardian. So he decided to make the ASPCA deal with children until another national organization (The ASPCC) came a few years later. In the 1870s when the ASPCA was first founded, the workers could actually arrest people for the abuse of their animals. And since then many have urged the public that animals do indeed have rights that should be upheld just as much as a humans rights. And now the ASPCA is a thriving organization that protects the welfare of abused animals.

CRAAP test

Currency of the article: The date that this article was published on the interwebs was November 7, 2013. But this topic does not require recent information.
Relevance of the article: Yes, indeed. This information is related to the topic. The intended audience was the public, or the visitors of the Chicago Humane Festival.
Authority of the article: The author is a professor at the North-Western University in Chicago. She is a professor for the University that sponsors the Chicago Humane Festival. The article was on YouTube… So it was: .com
Accuracy of the article: As far as I can tell, there was a legitimate amount of research to back her claim. Well there is nothing that exists in this world today that is free of *bias*. But the bias was not to overwhelming.

What was the purpose of the article: I believe that the article states that the Federal Government has the OBLIGATION to protect the rights of Children and animals. Not to leave it on the back burner. This article is to grasp the attention of the public and strive for the change of the rights of animals, the rights for animals should be EQUIVALENT to the rights of human beings. Its heartbreaking, knowing that there is child and animal abuse. and the government id doing nothing about it. its ATROCIOUS. Sorry about that, emotions on full blast. lol, oops.

Alley Cat Allies (core source)

Alley Cat Allies (ACA) is a non-profit organization that focuses on the welfare of cats, and other animals in the US shelter system. The organization was founded in 1990 by two independent women who noticed the unfair treatment of animals in shelters and pounds. Now the ACA has expanded to a national, and the only organization focused on purely cat.

CRAAP test

Currency of the article: The source seems to be updated sometime in 2016. I don't think that the article needs to be recent.
Is it relevant: Yes. The intended audience is Everyone.
Authority: The author is unknown, or it is the ACA. I don't know the credentials of the author. The URL of the website says the name of the non-profit. But it is a .org website…
Accuracy: The claims on the home page is true, about the mistreatment of animals and cats. This kind of article has bias, because everything does, but it is extremely hard to tell.
Purpose: The purpose is to take into consideration, the lives of animals and that the mistreatment of animals is wrong and animal abuse should not be left unpunished. no matter what animal it is, whether it is a cat, dog, or any other animal. The resource is a mixture of the first two… fact, and opinion. Fact: Animal abuse is a real issue that just gets worse if we don't take action. If we don't stop it, it will just continue and more people will think its ok. Opinion: There are people that do not like cats but that does not make it ok to abuse animals. animal lives do matter as well.

Alley Cat Allies, source I (Wikipedia)

This source is about a non-profit organization known as Alley Cat Allies. This organization was founded to help the lives of stray and feral cats living on the streets and in shelters. this source tells about the general information about the organization that I have already explained above. This source also gives you a look into the programs that this organization does around the country.

Currency: This page was last updated or edited on the 17th of June, 2016. I don't think that this source needs to have recent information.
Relevance: This relates to the topic because it is a wiki page on the organization. The intended audience is everyone…
Authority: I could not find the author of this source. I don't know any of the credentials of affiliations, but its safe to assume that they do affiliate with Alley Cat Allies.
Accuracy: I think that the evidence is good because I found a lot of the info on the Alley Cats Allies website. This kind of article has bias, because everything does, but it is extremely hard to tell.
Purpose: The purpose is to inform people on the mistreatment of animals. And to get people to consider the lives of animals.

Alley Cat Allies, source II (Guidestar, organization report)

This source is an organization report on the non-profit organization Alley Cat Allies (ACA). This report also states all of the information that I have typed about up above.

Currency: It states that the source was copyrighted in 2016. The article does not need recent information.
Relevance: The source is an organization report about my main source. the audience is everyone.
Accuracy: It is just the same information as before. This kind of article has bias, because everything does, but it is extremely hard to tell.
Purpose: The purpose is to inform people about this non-profit organization.

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