Carter Spears
Hello Earthlings my name is Carter

Things about Carter

I'm 6'6 and half at the moment i have 3 siblings on my mothers side 1 sister and 2 brothers. i love gaming i play Skyrim,role-playing action,shooting,simulation,games. i love to play basketball(i suck at it i cant even dunk that's how bad i am). i am really good at science,like astronymy. card games i play are Magic:The Gathering,Poker,Blackjack
I love food. my favorite restaurants are KFC,Subway,Perkins,Etc.
I'm not a dog person I'm not a cat person I'm BOTH!!! i love upward bound. i live in Red Lake,MN. I'm a Chippewa Indian of the red lake reservation.
i believe that's all

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