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I was born in Duluth Minnesota in January of 1998 when i was young i enjoyed playing video games and watching movies. When i moved to Bemidji i had to move in with my grandma and had to become an adult at a young age and had to forget everything i enjoyed doing and had to be open to other things that weren't necessarily my favorite things to do, but i got used to it and made things workout. On my free time i enjoy snowboarding in the winter, Fishing anytime of the year and almost anything in the summer. The reason i enjoy snowboarding and fishing is because i can be calm and relieve stress when I'm just sitting and casting or gliding down the slopes. My Favorite TV show to watch is Californication because every time i watch it even though Ive watched all of the episodes i just laugh and always have a good time. During the past four summers i have also been involved in a academic program called Upward Bound and i have met a lot of friends and learned a lot being there. My high school goal is to finish out my senior year with a GPA of 3.2, my college goal is to make it through college and get a degree in some kind of animal field. My overall career goal is to be successful with my job and to be the highest in the business. In five years i want to be in college working on getting my degree in a science field preferably animal science. In ten years i plan to be married with a person i really admire hopefully the same girl I'm with now. Twenty years from now i plan to have a family together and to be successful and still in the same job i have been in since i graduated college. If i could meet anyone famous in history it would be a present day rapper Drake because his music has been a release of stress for me since the first time i heard his music and hes not just a singer, rapper, song writer, hes also a good person who expresses his feelings and cares for other people and lets out his stress through his music.



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