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My hobbies are hunting, fishing, and trapping I go fishing when ever I get a chance.There is a river a mile from my house that you can usually catch sixty northern a day. But in the middle of the summer i usually bass fish a lake about 45 miles from my house. I to Indiana every year to go deer hunting. I've shot three bear and 5 deer. But in the fall i trap for the majority of the time i set traps on my way to the blind in the morning and check them every morning after that the biggest coon I've ever trapped was almost fifty pounds. I spend most of my time outside so i figured that i would want to a job that does with fish and wild life. I plan on going to Vermilion college in Ely MN to be a DNR officer. I kinda of want to go to Maine or Canada after I'm done with college.


Brian: Here is a link to that story that my student wrote about winning a Bass tournament: Ross' personal narrative

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Position statement 1 & 2

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