Bobby Bruce

Why Hello There!


I am a level 37 Wizard trained in Healing magic. Just kidding. I am Bobby Bruce, but close enough, verdad?
I am an extrovert, so I love to get out and make lots of new friends and experience many different aspects of life that I normally am not a part of.
I don't read unless the book interests me. But my favorite book would be Marley and Me. One person who really inspired me was Robin Williams. He lived his life giving
people a smile and making them feel better about themselves, even though he was depressed himself. Those are the type of people who are the strongest. That is how i want to be
as a human. One who sacrifices their own happiness for the happiness of others around me. Thanks!

I plan to go off to college and major in some sort of music degree. I am interested in going to McNally Smith, MSUM, UMD, UND, or NDSU. I am contemplating things such as music engineering,
performance, and teaching. When I am older, after college, I would like to go to Chicago and live my life there. But, I know that life can take you anywhere. So, I am excited
to just hang on for the ride. If I end up somewhere totally different than expected, well, that is life's path. With my life, I want to help others; make them feel
good. The people I like to surround myself with are the ones who are a good influence. So, why not be an influence for others? If helping others means through
music, talking, or just being there, I'll gladly do it.

A few things about the Bobby!

  • I will be a senior.
  • This is my fourth summer at Upward Bound.
  • I am a huge music buff.
  • I have two brothers, and three sisters. One of my brothers you may know…
  • I am a coffee addict people will say. I say, its not an addiction… Its a way of life!
  • I am against people sitting alone during meals. So, if you are a person who sits alone, I will find you!
  • My favorite band is Amber Run. They may not be popular, but they are great! Look them up.
  • If you want to get to know me better, ask me anything. I am an open book.
  • I own many pets.

Bobby's Hobbies!

  • I like to write creatively and musically.
  • I enjoy an intense game of Magic: The Gathering.
  • Talking… Lots of talking…
  • Theatre, speech, swimming, tennis, band.
  • Being spongy
  • ALL DAH MUSIC! (besides rap)
  • School, because its very important!@

A favorite quote

"I don't want to be the center of anything, just the part of something bigger."
-Pilot by Amber Run.


Upward Bound
Is awesome
I hope you agree!

Some links that Bobby enjoys

Class Work

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Outline Bobby Bruce <3
Research Paper-BobbyBruce <3
Informative Essay Peer Review Bobby Bruce

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