Applied 9 January 30 February 3

Monday, January 30

  • Syllabus and classroom procedures and expectations
  • Icebreaker activity: Characterization
  • ID Card Activity: create a mind-map of yourself on a large index card to introduce yourself to your classmates. This is due tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 31

  • Elements of Literature: Characterization. Take notes!
  • Character analysis activity — determine character traits of three characters from The Office
  • Finish ID cards — add four character traits to your ID card

Wednesday, February 1

  • Present ID Cards to the class
  • Write a paragraph of at least 5 sentences answering the question: What is Dwight's primary character trait? (from yesterday's film)
    • the first sentence should tag and answer the question
    • at least 3 sentences giving your reasons for your answer
    • concluding sentence
  • Read "My Hero"
  • Complete the character trait chart on three of the characters

Thursday, February 2

  • Introduce Independent Novel Project
  • Media Center Orientation and novel project book check out

Friday, February 3

  • 1st silent reading session for the independent novel project — 30 minutes
  • Complete a journal entry for this session
  • Learn about the Quote Sandwich paragraph structure and begin a quote sandwich paragraph about Brandon's (from "My Hero) primary character trait.
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