Applied 10 December 11 15

Monday, December 11

  • Mahatma Gandhi biography
  • Fill out note cards and write a quote sandwich as a class
  • Create a Works Cited entry
  • Vote on Wednesday's reading

Tuesday, December 12

  • Read Cesar Chavez's biography and fill out notecards, write quote sandwich, and complete works cited entry as a class
  • Answer discussion questions about Chavez with a partner
  • Read a biography of Malcolm X

Wednesday, December 13

  • Watch a short biography of Malcolm X
  • Write a practice intro as a class
  • Start independent research project: topic selection is due tomorrow

Thursday, December 14

  • Research! Find two sources of information on your chosen leader and take notes on the note cards provided.

Note cards due at the end of the hour toorrow!

Friday, December 15

  • Finish research and note cards — get them checked off by the end of the hour!
  • Work on Works Cited page and thesis statement
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