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Pearson, Susan. "Animals and Children First: A History of Humane Societies." Chicago Humanities Festival. Northwestern University, Chicago, IL. 7 November 2013. Web. 20 June 2016.

Human Society Video Summary

In the Video on the Human Society it was about way back then. In New York City were a girl was getting abused by her parent Etta Wheeler was the neighbor next door who could hear the little girl crying so they went to the Human Society to put her somewhere else because she had bruises on her. The Human Society was like the Police way back then, where the could arrest people do all things that a Policemen would do today. The Human Society all started in New York and Started to spread all across the Untied States. It was a Animal and Human Protection place. Human Society was also able to rescue People to like homeless people.

Human Society

The Video was published on November 7th, 2013. I think the video had a lot of Information on the Human Society way back in the olden days but not enough on how it is today. Yes the information was related to my topic. The intended audience was people who wanted to know more about the Human Society. The sponsor is Chicago Humanities Festival. The Author/ speaker's credentials or organizational affiliations is she is a Professor on History at the North-Western University. The URL is a .com which mean the link contains a commercial content. The information that we got in the video didn't really give any evidence maybe just a little. She never seemed like she had any emotion in the video or she was not really Biased just a little in some parts of the video. I think the video was to teach people on the Human Society. The Information on the Human Society was based on facts and opinion.


I agree with most of the video. what i disagree with in the video is i think that the Human Society should still be able to help out the people. My question for then would probably be why did the stop helping the people.
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