Amlit Week 9 S2019

Monday, March 25

Tuesday, March 26

  • Vocab Practice: On the back of your list of definitions, write a prequel to the play The Crucible, using at least 5 of the vocab words for this week. You might choose to write the scene in the woods or a scene between John Proctor and Abigail Williams — it is your choice. You may also choose to write it as a dialogue or in the form of a narrative paragraph.
  • Grammar: who and that
  • continue reading Act 2

Wednesday, March 27

  • Vocab practice: On the back of your list of definitions, write a story about a camping trip, either real or imaginary. This can take whatever form you like (epic poem, narrative paragraph, dialogue, etc.). Use the following words: latent, impervious, mere, minute, incendiary
  • Finish reading act of The Crucible and complete the study guide questions and character list

Thursday, March 28

  • Vocab review
  • ACT practice booklet

Friday, March 29

  • vocab test 5
  • Watch act 2 of the film adaptation
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