Amlit Week 7 S2019

Monday, March 11

  • Vocab List 3
  • Venture Smith comprehension and discussion questions
  • read and discuss The Emancipation Proclamation
  • Read pages 80-86 of the narrative of Lucy Delaney (From the book Women's Slave Narratives)

Tuesday, March 12

  • Vocab list 3 activity: write a paragraph about our weather using the following words: determine, devoid, diminish, dismay, disposition
  • Finish reading the narrative of Lucy D. (p. 86-104)
  • Start the one-page analysis of her narrative

Wednesday, March 13

  • Vocab list 3 activity: write a paragraph aone of the slave narratives using the following words: demean, depict, disinclined, dismay, emerge
  • Finish the one-page analysis of Lucy D.'s narrative — due tomorrow

Thursday, March 14

  • Review Vocab
  • Salem Witch Trials: powerpoint and video — complete viewing guide and turn in

Friday, March 15

  • Vocab test for list 3
  • background on Arthur Miller and opening of The Crucible — p. 561-563 of volume 2 of the textbook
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