Amlit Week 2 S2019

Monday, February 4

  • Present 6-Word Memoirs
  • Start Origin Stories unit — take notes on the Iroquois
  • Read "The Woman who Fell from the Sky" and complete story tracker page for that story

Tuesday, February 5

  • Vocab activity: Write a series of interview questions to ask 9th graders about their first semester of high school for Lumberjack Live (not really). You must use the following vocab words at least once:
    • Aloof
    • Bear (not the animal)
    • Burgeon
    • Attribute
    • Assess
  • Notes on the Modoc (Maklak) people
  • Read "Grizzlies Walking Upright" and complete the story tracker page for that story
  • Review Quote sandwiches and begin writing one that answers the question: what is the Chief of the Sky Spirits' primary character trait?

Wednesday, February 6

  • Vocab activity: Write a short paragraph about one of the origin stories we have read using the following words:
    • ambiguous
    • apprehensive
    • anticipate
    • befall
    • antagonize
  • ACT Pre-Test

Thursday, February 7


  • Vocab review — test tomorrow
  • Finish quote sandwich from Tuesday and turn in

Friday, February 8


  • Vocab test — turn in vocab activities and list
  • go over ACT practice test score
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