Amlit Week 2 Fall 2017

Monday, Sept. 11

  • ACT Prep Vocab list 1 and definitions
  • Discuss "When Grizzlies Walked Upright" and story tracker
  • review Quote Sandwiches
  • Write a quote sandwich paragraph answering questions 2(b) on page 23

Tuesday, Sept. 12

  • ACT vocab activity: write a paragraph about one of the origin stories we have read using the following vocab words:
    • Ambiguous
    • Antagonize
    • Anticipate
    • Apprehensive
    • Befall
  • Read "The Emergence" and complete story tracker
  • Answer discussion questions with a small group

homework: read "Grandmother's Creation Story" and complete the story tracker page

Wednesday, Sept. 13

  • ACT vocab activity: Write a series of interview questions to ask 9th graders about their first week of school for Lumberjack Live (not really). You must use the following vocab words at least once:
    • Aloof
    • Bear (not the animal)
    • Burgeon
    • Attribute
    • Assess
  • Take notes on the Muskogee tribe
  • Begin essays — thesis statements due tomorrow

Thursday, Sept. 14

  • Review vocab for tomorrow's test
  • Work on outlines and get thesis statements checked off

Outlines due at the end of the hour tomorrow!!

Friday, Sept. 15

  • Vocab test! Turn in your lists
  • Work on outlines

Extension: Outlines due at the start of the hour on Monday!!

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