Amlit Week 18 Fall 2017

Monday, January 8

  • Vocab list 9
  • Discussion questions for chapters 1 and 2
  • Watch chapters 1-2 of the film
  • Begin listening to chapter 3

Tuesday, January 9

  • Chapter 3 of The Great Gatsby
  • complete study guide questions
  • write 2 open-ended discussion questions based on the first 3 chapters of the book

Wednesday, January 10

  • Information on non-essential clauses
  • ACT Prep: non-essential clause drill — turn in when complete
  • Read more of chapter 4 (through top of p.47)

Vocab test on list 9 Friday!!

Thursday, January 11

  • Review Vocab
  • Finish chapter 4
  • Write one quote sandwich paragraph answering one of the discussion questions posted:
    • Why do you think Gatsby stands outside of his own parties?
    • Why do you think Gatsby doesn’t want trouble with anyone?
    • Why does Daisy hope her daughter is just a beautiful little fool? What does this say about women (or of society) at this time?
    • Why do you think Nick allows his politeness to take over, or dictate, his behavior in social situations?
    • What do the parties represent in Gatsby’s life?
    • Why does Gatsby allow all of these strangers at his parties?
    • Why does Tom take Nick to meet Myrtle?

Vocab test on list 9 Friday!!

Friday, January 12

  • Vocab test
  • watch ch. 3-4 of the film
  • Start chapter 5
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