Amlit Week 14 S2019

Monday, April 29

  • List 8 vocab definitions
  • Lit circles: finish story, finish double entry journal, complete role sheet, and respond to each other's double entry journals

Tuesday, April 30

  • vocab activity
  • Lit Circles: present the work you did for your role and discuss the story

Wednesday, May 1

  • Vocab activity
  • brain dump — get ourselves organized!
  • Lit Circles: work on posters

Thursday, May 2

  • vocab review
  • brain dump — get ourselves organized!
  • Lit Circles: finish posters

Friday, May 3

  • brain dump
  • vocab test — turn in lists and activities
  • look at an example of a reading journal entry
  • read Murder on the Red River and complete a journal entry
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