American Lit Week 8 S2018

Monday, March 19

  • Vocab definitions for ACT list 4
  • Watch Act 4 of the film
  • Work on Crucible newspaper projects

Tuesday, March 20

  • Review for tomorrow's test

Test on The Crucible tomorrow!!

Wednesday, March 21

  • Test on The Crucible
    • turn in study guides and character lists
  • Work on Crucible newspaper projects

Thursday, March 22

  • Turn in newspapers
  • Read Jefferson and Paine (p. 154-161) and answer questions 2-4 on page 159 and 2-4 on page 161 and #4 on page 163

Friday, March 23

  • Vocab test — hand in lists
  • Discuss The Declaration of Independence and the excerpt from The Crisis
  • Read the information about Benjamin Franklin on page 144 and the excerpt from Poor Richard's Almanack on pages 147-148.
  • Begin aphorism project with a partner. We will finish these on Monday.
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