American Lit Week 5 S2018

Monday, February 26

  • Vocab List 3 definitions
  • Colons and dashes information and drill. We went over the drill in class, but hand it in for participation points.
  • Finished reading p. 1241 of The Crucible

Tuesday, February 27

No class — ACT testing

Good luck, everyone!!

Wednesday, February 28

  • continued reading The Crucible (pages 1241-1248)
    • Added to the character list: Mary Warren, Mercy Lewis, John Proctor, Rebecca Nurse, and Giles Corey
    • Pre-reading study guide questions and questions 1-7 in Act 1

Thursday, March 1

  • Review vocab
  • Finish reading Act 1
    • finish act 1 study guide questions
    • add Reverend Hale to the character list

Friday, March 2

  • Vocab test — hand in lists
  • Watch ACT 1 of The Crucible
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