American Lit Week 14 S2018

Monday, April 30

  • Vocab List 8 definitions
  • Finish reading Venture Smith and answer discussion questions

Tuesday, May 1

  • Discuss the narrative of Venture Smith and turn in discussion questions
  • Read The Emancipation Proclamation on page 530
  • Read the excerpt from Frederick Douglass on page 496 and answer the response questions provided

Wednesday, May 2

  • Vocab crossword puzzle
  • Context research activity: Slavery Laws over Time

Thursday, May 3

  • Vocab review
  • Read pages 44-64 of The Story of Mattie J. Jackson found in Women's Slave Narratives
    • watch for ways this story fits either naturalism, realism, or both
    • watch also for ways Jackson's life is directly impacted by the slave laws we learned about yesterday

Friday, May 4

  • Vocab test
  • Finish reading The Story of Mattie J. Jackson
  • With a partner, write a quote sandwich paragraph answering the question of how her story fits either the realism or naturalism movement
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