American Lit Week 13 S2018

Monday, April 23

  • Vocab list 8
  • Rough drafts due today! Meet in your Writer's Circles

Tuesday, April 24

  • Meet in editing teams and look at mechanics
  • turn in final drafts with all process work.

Wednesday, April 25

  • Vocab activity: write a paragraph about today's Lumberjack Live using 5 of this week's vocab words
  • ACT grammar: punctuating fragments drill
  • Background info and notes on slave narratives
  • Begin viewing Ship of Slaves: the Middle Passage

Thursday, April 26

  • Vocab review
  • Finish viewing Ship of Slaves: the Middle Passage
  • Read excerpt from The Interesting Life of Olaudah Equiano (p. 42)

Friday, April 27

  • Vocab list 7 test
  • "Olaudah Equiano" discussion questions
  • Read chapter 1 of "Venture Smith"
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