Adriah Sayers

My name is Adriah Sayers I am going to be a freshmen this year. I have 8 siblings 1 younger sister, 2 older sisters and 5 older brothers. My favorite sports to play are Basketball and Softball. My favorite TV show to watch is "finding bigfoot" I like watching them go out at night and try to find bigfoot or get evidence that big foot is real. My goal for high school is just to get a high school diploma and go on to college. When I go to college I would like to take a class to be lawyer or go to law school. In five years I want to be in college. In 10 years I want have a family of my own, have a job as a lawyer or in law school, and own my own house. In 20 years I hope to have a job as a lawyer, and have a house out of Minnesota with my family. If I could meet 1 famous person it would defiantly have to be Justin Bieber.


This is me and my baby sister
This is me playing Softball
This is my Basketball picture
This is me.
My favorite singer is Justin Bieber


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